Traditional Funeral and Memorial Bagpipes


Contact Graeme Smith

Phone: 770-851-9879


I am located in Kentucky, United States of America.


Funerals and memorials are set up to meet each unique situation and I have experience in many.

I can play as guests arrive for about 15-20 minutes. Typical tunes are Retreat Marches and Slow Airs.

I can play inside the church or funeral home as the casket is brought in.

I can play at the graveside as deceased is lowered or play for the scattering of ashes.

Typical tunes include Amazing Grace,
Flowers of the Forest
or Mist Covered Mountains.


The cost all depends how long you want me to play, and at how long I am at the ceremony. Traveling expenses are extra especially if air travel and hotel stay are required. When I can drive to and from the ceremony in one day the fuel cost is $0.50 per mile traveled.

Any questions or if you want other sample music please get in touch:

Phone: 770-851-9879